Eat. Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Board

To follow is a list of what we have on this crazy delicious board of ours: 


Manchego (topped with a little truffle spread)

Goat cheese encased in blueberries

Asiago rosemary cheese



Pastrami (other good ones - salami, roast beef)


Smoked trout (we mixed in some lemon dill aoli, salt and pepper to make a spread)



Fig rosemary crackers

Olive bread (we got ours from the Fresh Market)

Cheese sticks 

Dried plantain/chips



Fresh blackberries

Red seedless grapes

Candied dried Oranges

Dried Figs (drizzled with spicy honey)

Dried Apricots

Pomegranate seeds



Pickled beans

Pickled carrots

Pickled ginger

Marinated artichokes

Marinated green beans

Green olives



Candied walnuts

Spicy Thai Almonds



Spicy corn salsa

Grain Mustard

Spicy honey

Truffle spread

Pumpkin spread (canned pumpkin, spicy honey, spicy mustard seed) Note: this is the dark blob in the picture. We had high hopes for last minute thrown together homemade dip, but it was just meh. We will perfect this and post a recipe later. 

Note: we also added hummus and roasted red and yellow peppers, but we thought that was better saved for a hummus dish. Still yum, but so many other fun things to focus on so it wasn’t a highlight! 

The Story

Charcuterie boards are one of our favorite things. We literally threw this board of goodies together as an appetizer. We may have gone a little crazy and, no we never made it to dinner because we enjoyed almost every last bite.  We can't say it's the prettiest or most well organized board, but it was still awesome. Our best non-professional charcuterie board putting together thoughts: 

Your board is a reflection of things you like so go ahead and sprinkle all of the delicious things you like on the board and it will turn out amazing.  

It may feel overwhelming to put together a charcuterie board, but it's really super easy and fun. Start with the basics like bread, crackers or both, cheeses and meats. THEEEEEN after that sprinkle in things like dried fruits, real fruit, veggies fresh and pickled, nuts, and the clincher -- things you dip and spread. 

Cheese note: (2-3 is usually a good bet). A soft cheese like goat cheese or brie then a hard cheese or two is a good starting point. Safe cheeses are good to include especially if it's for a crowd. Safe cheeses might include (cheddar, manchego, brie), BUT then have some fun with a stinky cheese or a cheese that has a little flare - like the blueberry encased goat cheese displayed on the board. Don't be afraid to talk to the cheese man or woman at your grocery store -- you will likely be amazed at how much cheese knowledge they have (sometimes you'll find a charcuterie enthusiast full of suggestions). FUUUUNN. 

In any event ---- goooo to the cheese section at your favorite grocery store now and get your charcuterie board on . . . have fun and enjoy! CK& TH


 charcuterie board

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