Eat. Featured Craft Cocktail: The Nutmeg

Apple Brandy


Craft Cocktail: The Nutmeg (serves one)

5 minutes to whip this beauty up 


Apple Brandy  (we used *Laird's 100 proof Apple Brandy) - 2 ounces 

Apple Cider (NOT fizzy) - 1 ounce 

Lemon (freshly squeezed) - 1 ounce (roughly half a medium sized lemon) 

Egg white (from an actual egg) - 1 egg white

Honey water (two parts honey one part warm water) - 1 ounce

Freshly ground nutmeg or shake some on from the nutmeg spice you already have in your spice rack. Grating nutmeg is kind fun, though. 



Put the aforementioned goodness into a shaker with ice and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Pour into a coupe glass or a rocks glass as pictured. 

Top with grated nutmeg. So Yum.

Finally, don't forget the metal straw -- we obsess the metal straw. 


The Story: 

WEEEELLLLLLL, this drink was initially intended as a "hand made with love craft cocktail" at a large family gathering (Thanksgiving 2019). It was mostly a hit, meaning it takes a minute to make and it's probably better suited for a smaller crowd so that you are not mixologying (<---- it's definitely a word) the entire time. Don't get us wrong -- it's a wonderful drink; however, a big crowd means we'll bring a PUNCH BOWL next time. Save this deliciousness to wow your significant other in an intimate setting.

Also, for the love of saving Thanksgiving 2020 and possible awkward future family get-togethers, JUST HAVE ONE DRINK, or don't use 100 proof brandy, ahem (yes, there's a story there, but bygones).

*Public Service Announcement: Since Laird's didn't feel the need to include what should be a mandatory random disclaimer, we hereby give you the following:  


 The Nutmeg

Enjoy responsibly and have fun! CK&TH

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